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Nintendo 3DS compatible R4 Flash Cards

3DS card reader backup USBIt may be that Nintendo 3DS roms will be awailable on torrent download sites long before a 3DS Emulator and 3DS R4 flash cards are released, or it could be that the console is hacked within hours after nintendo releases it. I guess we will see how it goes soon after the 3DS shows up in stores in Japan. Be suer to get an early version of the console as they are usualy the easiest to hack, before the company gets arround to patching the firmware and locking out newly discoved exploits and wholes in the hacked piracy protection.

Storage and More about the 3DS

Hacked 3DS R4

The Nintendo 3DS is equipped with built-in memory so that it can store contents that have been downloaded, which take the form of Ware games for the 3DS as well as those DSiWare games that are still compatible with the console. You can utilize the 3DS SD cards as well as the SDHC cards so that media files that have been downloaded can be stored on it as well. It would not be possible for you to save nor move the 3DS ware or the DSiWare going to SD cards but you may use any of the adapters for third party Flash cards which can be plugged to the Game Card slot of the 3DS and through that it can now hold files unto the microSD as well as microSDHC memory card.

And if all softmod efforts fail than there is always a possibility to use 3DS ModChips. The #1 place for latest 3DS hacking news, Mod-Chips, Hack Tools & Downloading 3DS game roms and custom firmware for R4 3DS flash cards. It would me much harder to install a 3DS ModChip in the small and already crasmped case, but PSP had soem chips before the softmods and it added an easily flashable second firmware and other neat features to the device. 3D Video cameras and all the converted 3D film would sure be fun to watch without glasses. So all we need is for teh R4 developers to step up and produce a 3DS compatible Cartridge for us to play the 3DS Roms Downloads. And for thouse who can not affor to buy the hardware an Emulator to play roms on PC 3DSemu.

3DS AceKard 3 R4

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