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What will 3DS hackers look at first

First to state the obvious but maybe not so well known facts:

Nintendo game developers have 3DS Flash Cards they use for testing new games and their compatibility with 3DS. With the DS some of the developers even used regular consumer R4 DS cards for this purpose as they were way cheaper and in many cases much easier to use than the official development tools supplied by the Nintendo. So it is not a mater of IF 3DS Flash Cards will be made, but rather when and how we will get our hands on them.

Hacked 3DS R4

NDS had custom firmware, but there was no need to make custom firmware for the DS Lite or the DSi as methods of running Homebrew apps and NDS roms on them were developed that didn't require any modifications to the DS / DSi hardware in order to run copied backup games and nds roms. Same may not hold true with the 3DS, so we might be back to reflashing the 3DS consoles like we did do avoide using the bulky PassMe chips that had to be used on the first generation NDS.

3DS AceKard 3 R4

When loking for ways to hack 3DS and identify wanorabilities in its copy protection hackers would have to investigate:

  • 3DS card reader backup USBcan R4 DS Flash Cards be used on 3DS to play nds roms and homebrew in DS mode?
  • can 3DS Mode on the console be accessed from the DS mode?
  • can wireless CrossPass always on-line feature of the 3DS be used to spoof the official updates and execute 3rd party code bypassing piracy protection schemes?
  • can PC wifi adapter software be modified to emulate 3DS and send apps and roms to it?
  • can 3DS games roms be dumped / Nintendo 3DS roms made using already available DS or DSi backup tools and PS USB adapter for reading & copying cartridge contents
  • is there any way to dump 3DS firmware / reverse engeneer it and reflash the handheld with a custom firmwae like all versions of Sony PSP let you do. DarkAlex M33DS anyone :)

And if all softmod efforts fail than there is always a possibility to use 3DS ModChips. It would me much harder to install a 3DS ModChip in the small and already crasmped case, but PSP had soem chips before the softmods and it added an easily flashable second firmware and other neat features to the device. 3D Video cameras and all the converted 3D film would sure be fun to watch without glasses. So all we need is for teh R4 developers to step up and produce a 3DS compatible Cartridge for us to play the 3DS Roms Downloads. The #1 place for latest 3DS hacking news, Mod-Chips, Hack Tools & Downloading 3DS game roms and custom firmware for R4 3DS flash cards. And for thouse who can not affor to buy the hardware an Emulator to play roms on PC 3DSemu.

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